New Club Records from 2022 onwards

Pre Injection up to 600James Leatham59.55206/08/22
Pre Injection Over 600John Dieterman57.27514/05/22
Formula 600John Marsh57.05406/08/22
Classic UnlimitedGary Porter1.02.99114/05/22
FE 501 UnlimitedAndrew Lovett59.03.74414/05/22
Forgotten Era 500 GPDan Sayle1.03.40011/05/24
Superbikes 401-1300Louis Turner-Laurent56.35511/06/22
Power Bikes 501-1300Oliver Riley56.24711/06/22
Golden Era SuperbikesJohn Dieterman56.31514/05/22
Formula 400Tony Griffiths1.02.46411/05/24
Open 500cc inc supermonoJamie O’Brien1.00.10710/06/23
Steel Frame 600ccJames Leatham59.10006/08/22
Stock TwinRichard Harrison1.04.28415/07/23
700 TwinDaneil Carson1.00.10711/05/24
750 TwinMichael Bampton59.71011/05/24
125cc incl Moto 3Simon Lehane1.07.44710/06/23
Classic 125 & 250 SCDavid whitehouse1.11.40911/05/24
Classic up to 250cc TwinRichard hunt1.09.76810/6/23
Classic upto 350ccRuss Mountford1.07.5701/05/23
Classic 351-500Mark Cronshaw1.02.56511/06/22
Post Classic up to 750ccJamie O’Brien1.03.08710/6/23
Open sidecarBlackstock/Rosney1.00.21111/05/22
Outright solo lap recordOliver Riley56.24714/05/24

Aintree Club Records Archive

The club records were correct up to 2019. Since the club has started back up in 2022 a lot of racing classes have change. So we have drawn a line in the sand and started again

Outright Lap Record – John Ingram 16.10.2010 101.504 mph
Outright Sidecar Record Allan Schofield 11.06.2011 98.128 mph

Aintree Club Circuit Records

100-175 cc21.08.1999Garry Bennett89.80 mph
100-250 cc12.08.2006Mark Heckles94.513 mph
175-350 cc16.09.2006Mark Heckles95.147 mph
251-500cc12.05.2012Josh Daley91.863 mph
Superbikes16.10.2010John Ingram99.762 mph
Sidecars F111.06.2011Allan Schofield &95.436 mph
Steve Thomas
Sidecars F208.08.2015Dave Molyneux &93.110 mph
Benjamin Binns
Formula 40018.08.2012Josh Daley92.473 mph
Formula 60013.06.2015Josh Daley97.729 mph
Steel Framed 600cc11.07.2005Andy Daniels92.17 mph
Powerbikes09.07.2011Lee Cutts-Bland99.259 mph
125 Classics12.07.2003Mike Schofield74.21 mph
250 Classics19.05.2001Roy Richardson83.09 mph
250 Single Cylinder14.07.2007Jamie O'Brien78.02 mph
350 Classics07.09.1996Neil Eatough83.28 mph
500 Classics02.02.2009Mike Cooper88.526 mph
Unlimited Classics12.06.2004Stephen Atkin87.01 mph
350 Forgotten Era12.07.2003Colin Skillicorn87.70 mph
500 Forgotten Era13.06.2009John Dieterman89.495 mph
Forgotten Era Superbikes09.07.2011Mike Walker94.66 mph
Pre-Injection 60011.02.2015Joel Williams92.916 mph
Pre-Injection 100011.06.2016John Dieterman Jnr95.970 mph
650cc Mini Twin19.09.2016Richard Hunt86.60 mph
650cc Super Twin17.09.2016Jamie Hodson90.50 mph
Golden Era11.06.2016John Dieterman Jnr96.690mph

Aintree Lap Records

100-175 cc12.07.2003Ian Perks92.07 mph
100-250 cc12.08.2006Mark Heckles97.108 mph
175-350 cc16.09.2006Mark Heckles96.918 mph
251-500cc19.09.1992Ron Pilkington93.66 mph
Superbikes16.10.2010John Ingram101.504 mph
Sidecars F111.06.2011Allan Schofield &98.128 mph
Steve Thomas
Sidecars F208.08.2015Dave Molyneux &94.803 mph
Benjamin Binns
Formula 40011.02.2012Josh Daley93.997 mph
Formula 60016.05.2015Josh Daley100.189 mph
Steel Framed 600cc12.07.2008Danny Halliwell93.591 mph
Powerbikes13.08.2011Jim Hodson100.935 mph
125 Classics17.02.2000Stuart Melling75.50 mph
250 Classics19.05.2001Roy Richardsonh85.28 mph
250 Single Cylinder14.06.2003Dave Whitehouse81.99 mph
350 Classics14.06.2005Steve Fergison87.30 mph
500 Classics20.09.2008Alan Oversby88.309 mph
Unlimited Classics12.07.2003Gary Thwaites92.07 mph
350 Forgotten Era16.08.2003John Dieterman91.49 mph
500 Forgotten Era13.06.2009John Dieterman91.607 mph
Forgotten Era Superbikes09.07.2001Mike Walker96.54 mph
Pre-Injection 60008.08.2015Joel Williams94.389 mph
Pre-Injection 100011.06.2016John Dieterman Jnr97.376 mph
650cc Mini Twin19.09.2016Richard Hunt88.710 mph
650cc Super Twin17.09.2016Jamie Hodson92.074 mph
Golden Era11.06.2016John Dieterman Jnr97.953 mph