Minutes from the AGM Meeting at the Suites Hotel on the 19/01/2020. Please click on Download to view the PDF


Minutes from the Meeting at Suites Hotel on the 12/12/2019. Please click on Download to view the PDF


Firstly, on behalf of the committee thank-you to all our members for your patience. Progress has been slow since the extraordinary risk assessment and track inspection on the 26th March this year. A substantial number of additional safety issues were identified over and above those documented during the previous track inspection which took place on the 11th August 2018. One of the main areas of concern is the deteriorating condition of the track surface. With no proactive communications from the racecourse company the club have organised meetings with a reputable contractor and have obtained quotes for the track repairs which have been submitted to the racecourse company for consideration. We have a meeting with them on the 21st November to discuss and decide, depending on their response the best way forward. In addition to the track repairs protection of the horse jump fences needs to be increased. This can be achieved by the provision of removable protection devices which besides the cost will need to be securely stored at the circuit. The feasibility of setting up and removing, on race days, of all the protective devices required to comply with the ACU track license will need to be discussed in more detail.  Hopefully we will have a better idea of how we can proceed after our meeting on the 21st November. In view of the above the club will hold an open committee meeting at the Suites Hotel on the 12th December starting at 7.30pm.  Space will be limited so if you can let either myself  (d.edwards@aintreemrc.co.uk) or a member of the committee know by phone call or email if you would like to attend that would be appreciated.

Thanks for your support


Dave Edwards Chairman AMCRC


All racing for 2019 season has now been cancel.

We can also confirm that the last postponed three meetings are now cancelled –

July; August and September 2019

The Directors and Committee are still diligently working on all avenues to hopefully resume

Racing in 2020.


Aintree M.C.R.C
Further announcement 29/04/2019
As stated earlier that the Test Day along with the May & June Race meetings have been canceled
The remaining July, August & September are still suspended
All this is a result of legal action being taken by a rider that was involved in an accident last September.
Although a disclaimer was signed on his entry form, he is still pursuing a claim. Which we understand is a substantial amount.
Although the Club applied and paid for Track Certificate & Permits back in December 2018 Which have never been received
Information from the ACU was nil with regards to our position to race in 2019. Even though we had been given firm assurance that we were
“good to race in 2019”
It was not until early March that it was deemed that we had to have a further Track Inspection. This took place on the 26th of March 2019.
The Directors & Committee had a meeting where it was decided to take the action on our proposed meetings for this year.
The Directors & Committee are still working hard to try and resolve these problems.
Further information will follow


Update issued by The Aintree Motor Cycle Racing Club

Further to the announcement already issued by the club via the Aintree website.

The problem we have had is due to the fact that the ACU has not issued the club with a track certificate and permits required for us to race in 2019. These were applied and paid for in December 2018 at which time the regulations and entry forms were submitted for approval.

Eventually, after many phones call the ACU organized an independent track inspection – this took place on the 26th March 2019, leaving us insufficient time to implement the various safety measures highlighted in the report. The main problems are the provision of a substantial amount of additional protection and the deteriorating track surface. Resolution of both issues is currently being investigated by the committee and directors of the club. Thank you to all the club members for your continued patience and offers of help it is well appreciated. We will update you as soon as we have any further information.

Committee and Directors MCRC


The Aintree Motor Cycle Racing Club
Regret to inform all Club members; riders and marshals and the following –

Due to circumstances outside of our control, we have to cancel the Test day
on 1st May 2019
The first race meeting – 11th May 2019
And The Second race meeting – 15th June 2019

With regards to the other three meetings remaining – these will be suspended
until when an announcement
Will be made.

This Statement is issued by the Board of Directors, Aintree MCRC